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Sustainability H10 Costa Adeje Palace

Our hotel is committed to the environment, so we develop different actions to reduce our ecological footprint:


The hotel has two seawater wells, from one of which water is extracted that is used to produce our own fresh drinking water through the reverse osmosis system. With this solution, we avoid using water from our aquifers in our hotel, since it is a unique and scarce resource.
 Apart from this, with the surplus of seawater from the catchment well, we fill a large part of our swimming pools, therefore the energy costs of water production are considerably reduced, as well as the consumption of desalinated water. The second well is the rejection well, thus avoiding sending the brine to the sewage system and against pool washing, which could affect the biological processes of the purification of these waters.


The hotel has a photovoltaic energy production plant whose output is 100 kW/peak. With this production we achieve that 10% of the hotel''s electrical energy consumption is renewable.


The hotel has a cooling plant for the AACC with heat recovery, with which while we cool the water for the AACC circuits, the heat that is generated is used to give a first heat shock to the DHW, reducing thus the consumption of propane gas with which the hotel works.

CARBON FOOTPRINT REDUCTION (C02 emissions control):

Since 2009 we have been measuring the CO2 emissions generated by the hotel with an environmental indicator, one of our main objectives being their containment and reduction.


The hotel is registered as a small producer of hazardous waste. Our official manager is the company Ataretaco, whose main policy is to hire and employ local people with social integration problems. Apart from this, the hotel recycles cooking oil (ATARETACO), paper and cardboard (city council and hotels agreement), cans, bricks and plastics (city council and hotels agreement), glass (city council and hotels agreement), etc.